Chickens Ayam Tsemani


Chickens Ayam Tsemani - an interesting, decorative breed, bred in Indonesia. Only recently, scientists in Europe and America have been engaged in intensive study of the species. About this black breed and will be discussed below in the article.

What are the external features of the bird?

Despite the popularity of the breed, finding a representative of the species is not easy. Ayam Tsemani chickens are still being studied. Until 1920, they were known only in Indonesia and in several countries on the mainland in East Asia. And only in 1998, the Dutch scientists brought several Ayam Tsemani eggs from Indonesia to Europe for incubation and further study.

The main distinguishing feature of the species is black. And it concerns not only feathers. Black must be legs, feet, eyes, beak - all parts of the body and feathers all over the bird. And if other varieties of black chickens have a color of 5-7 out of 10 in saturation, then in Ayam Tsemani blackness is always 10 out of 10.

Exterior of Ayam Tsemani chickens

Representatives of the species have a beautiful, proportional body. The body is compact, the chest is well developed, rounded, not strongly protruding. Belly neat, taut. The legs are quite long, they have 4 fingers. The tail in chickens is modest, small, in roosters much better developed.

The neck is of medium length, the head is small. Crest leaf-shaped, medium size, not hanging down. Earrings have a rounded shape. The beak is strong, short. Eyes of medium size, stand out only lively luster.

The nature of the breed is very shy, with humans and any other birds, animals are trying to contact as little as possible. When entering the chicken coop or the pen, you need to walk slowly, any sudden movement will frighten them.

What is the productivity of the Ayam Tsemani breed?

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The productivity of the birds is not high, they are more likely to be brought up as decorative ones. In Indonesia, mystical powers and capabilities are attributed to the breed. What is quite clear - the bird looks very impressive.

Ayam Tseman breed productivity

  • Chamfer Ayam Tsemani start running from 6-7 months, sometimes from eight.
  • Egg production is not more than 100 eggs weighing 50 grams per year from one layer. Quality content and feeding can increase the figure to a maximum of 20 units.
  • The taste of eggs do not differ from eggs obtained from other breeds. The shell is durable, has a light brown color.
  • For meat, they can start up, but the output of the final product is small. An adult rooster weighs 1.8–2 kg, and a chicken weighs 1.2–1.5 kg.
  • Survival rate of young stock - 95%. This is probably the only high index of the species that simplifies its breeding.

It is worth noting several disadvantages of the variety:

  • inaccessibility and high price for eggs of the breed or representatives;
  • low productivity;
  • certain difficulties in the care, which will be discussed below.

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How to care for Ayam Tsemani chickens?

The warmed henhouse for hens of breed Ayam Tsemani

Ayam Tsemmani - was bred in Indonesia, where it is quite warm all year round, which is why it can be difficult to plant them in the northern and even middle latitudes, but the problem can be quickly resolved with the availability of funds and desire. As a rule, representatives of the species build large, spacious and bright poultry houses - a bird purchased for decorative purposes must have appropriate content. It is important that the house is insulated from all sides, including the floor and ceiling, and has heating, well-adjusted ventilation, but drafts are undesirable. Artificial lighting and the presence of windows - is necessary.

A floor of peat, straw or sawdust is required on the floor. It is laid out in a thick layer: 5 cm in summer is enough, and 10 cm in winter.

Walking for chickens Ayam Tsemani is very important, and it’s just pointless to keep them locked up - they have low productivity. It is best to arrange for them a comfortable patio or a pen with a high fence, so that they can walk there for as long as they like. The bird flies very well, it can fly over small and even medium fences, it is important to keep in mind when arranging a place for walking. Healthy grasses are planted in the pen, they can peck at them, as well as feed on seeds from different crops, insects.

It is important to clean the house in time, to clean the feeders, as this variety does not tolerate dirt. It is also recommended not to delay the vaccination against diseases - such an expensive breed is worth the money spent.

How to feed the breed?

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The basis of the diet: cereals, you can give legumes, be sure to feed the vegetables, they can be rubbed and added to the mash together with green, chopped grass, bran. Meat and bone meal, yeast is introduced into the diet. In winter, instead of greens, conifer and grass meal, silage and bagasse can be mixed into the feed.

Feeding chickens Ayam Tsemani

In the hotel feeder should always be crushed shells, eggshell, chalk. All these products are mixed or given separately. Such a source of minerals is necessary for both roosters and females, as well as young animals. In additional capacity is to pour sand and gravel, they improve the digestion of birds.

Ayam Tsemani chickens feed in the coop or pen in the morning and evening in the summer, and about 3-4 times in the winter, with no walking.

What is the specificity of breeding?

To get the young in the same room they hold about 1 rooster and 5 chickens. In this case, the fertility rate of eggs is always high. Nestlings should be hatched in an incubator - mothers from layers are bad. Under favorable conditions, black chickens hatch from the eggs.

Cultivation of hens Ayam Tsemani

It is important to note that when breeding it is worth paying much attention to the color of the bird. Black is her business card, so even the slightest light spots are considered a defect. Such individuals should be immediately rejected.

In the first days of life, Ayam Tsemani breeding chickens are fattened with crushed egg, cottage cheese. Then for about 5 days you can enter corn grits (crushed), feed "Start" or its analogs. Do not forget about the supplements: roots, grass meal, minerals. At first, the chicks drink either boiled water or green tea, and only in 5-7 days they can be transferred to plain water.