Lyubasha's garlic


The abundance of varieties and varieties of garlic will allow you to choose the ideal for a particular area, growing conditions, gardener's tastes. The problem is that, without a certain experience, it is very difficult to understand all these types, in any case, independently, and here the Internet becomes the best assistant. Lyubasha's garlic is called the best winter variety, universal, with excellent taste, and you can find out by reading this article.

Description and taste of garlic

Mid-season, winter variety of Ukrainian selection. It grows up to 1.5 meters in height. As aging rides the arrow. The leaves are dark green, reach 50 cm, width up to 2.5 cm - tightly pressed to each other, so they do not bend. There is a light wax coating. Head light weighing up to 130 grams. Husk has rare purple streaks. In each bulb 3-7 cloves is not much, but they are big, each within 10-20 grams.

In each onion there are 3-7 teeth, each within 10-20 grams

In terms of the growing region, the Lyubasha variety is almost universal, such quality is associated with resistance to heat and cold. Not afraid of fungal diseases. Cultivated in the private sector and large enterprises for sale and processing.

The taste of Zubkov is very sharp, simple, but this is precisely its peculiarity. With such garlic you can make any dish, it will not spoil the aroma and taste. Thanks to the developed above-ground part of the plant, not only the head but also young, tender, green leaves are eaten. It is used fresh, has a high level of nutrients in the composition, there is an abundance of vitamin C, protein, amino acids, allicin, selenium and essential oils. Can be used in addition to cooking in medicine and cosmetology.

Why it is worth choosing Lyubash's grade?

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From year to year, some gardeners grow precisely Lyubash garlic at their summer cottages and personal plots. Why? Is he so good or just elementary in growing?

Average yield per hectare 35-36 centners

  • Excellent taste have not only teeth, but also green feathers.
  • Shelf life is 10 months.
  • Lyubasha is a hybrid, and therefore has a stable immunity to many diseases.
  • Not afraid of severe frosts, drought.
  • A minimum of care - only the most important procedures.
  • You can grow mechanized or manually.
  • The average yield per hectare of land is 35-36 centners.

Now about the shortcomings. Gardeners note that the variety has no serious shortcomings, if it is properly approached to its cultivation.

  • Lyubasha's garlic is growing only in a sunny area. Cultivation in the shade will lead to the development of a small head.
  • With a lack of snow in winter and without mulching, crops can freeze out.

But all these are common drawbacks that apply to all types of winter garlic, so that the variety stands out favorably against other varieties.

How to grow garlic Lyubasha?

Variety Lyubasha - winter, so you can plant it in mid-September. But in each case, the landing period may vary. It all depends on the region, the main rule, which should adhere to the gardener - planting should be carried out a month before the first frost. Harvest the same crop closer to the end of June. Ancestors may be melons, peas, grains. You can plant it between strawberries or separately.

For a great harvest, you need to pick a good seed.

For successful cultivation and obtaining a large crop, you need to pick a good seed material. It is bought either in proven places, or from friends. Before planting, it is disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 1-2 hours.

The land is fertilized in 2 weeks. The tool and its rate can be chosen from its own capabilities and preferences, yet each site has its own structure and soil quality. But for garlic, phosphorus-potash mixtures, horse manure, and mullein are considered the best fertilizers.

Put teeth in rows at a distance of 10-20 cm from each other - the greater the planting material, the greater the distance. Between the individual rows, it is important to maintain up to 40 cm of space. A thicker plant will cause plants to darken with each other. The depth of embedding is 3-5 cm. A mixture of ash and sand can be poured into the furrow under the landing of the teeth to improve the composition of the soil, but this is an optional procedure, especially if the ground is sandy or fertilized in advance.

Put teeth in rows at a distance of 10-20 cm from each other. Between rows 40 cm

After planting garlic varieties Lyubasha provide minimal care.

  • For the winter, the land is mulched with peat, straw, or other material available to the gardener. However, it is important to understand that the land under the mulch should simply be protected from severe frosts, and not be warm, otherwise the garlic will germinate and simply freeze before spring. The allowable layer of mulch is 3-4 cm.
  • For rapid growth and formation of the head, nitrogen fertilizers are applied to the soil in the spring (preferably in liquid form).
  • Weeds are removed as they appear. A strong developed weed system can not only consume a lot of useful substances intended for garlic, but also damage the culture head itself. As a result, it will be small, underdeveloped, or simply clumsy. In addition, weed is a carrier of diseases and pests.

    Lyubasha's garlic can be stored for 10 months.

  • Abundant watering is needed from the first week of April to mid-June. About 2-3 weeks before harvesting, watering is stopped. The amount of water spent on each plant depends on the type of soil and planting site. The main thing is that the land was not swamped and that it does not dry out. After watering, it is advisable to carry out weeding, so that the soil is not crusted and not cracked.
  • When the arrow appeared, you need to pinch it to achieve 10 cm in length. This is done in order to increase the size and weight of the head.

Secrets of storing and collecting culture

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Lyubasha's garlic can be stored for 10 months, sometimes more, but only under certain conditions. Moreover, only with the right assembly can the heads be kept.

  • Harvesting is carried out in dry weather. 1-2 days before the collection should not be rain. The earth must be dry, otherwise it can damage the culture, and the risk of rot is high.
  • After harvesting, it is removed from the dirt and put to dry in a dry, dark room. You can lay it out on a flat surface or just hang it on the ceiling. Some gardeners wash garlic, and then dried.
  • When the top garlic husk has dried, it is laid out in bags (of natural material) or mesh. During the entire storage period, it is necessary to sort out the crop from time to time in order to reduce the risk of developing various diseases, fungus or something like that.