Description and characteristics of the incubator Cinderella


If a breeder wants to breed poultry or already breeds it, sooner or later he will need an incubator. But which one to choose? Incubator Cinderella is recommended not only for beginning breeders, but also for professionals who have been breeding poultry for years. The qualities of the most popular incubators Cinderella with an automatic egg flip, features, different models will be discussed later in the article.

What are the features of the incubator Cinderella?

Incubators Cinderella are produced since 1998 by the company OLSA-Service, which is located in Novosibirsk. Suitable for breeding geese, chickens, ducks, quails.

The color of the incubator is yellow, which makes it a little different from other species. Made of reinforced polystyrene foam (foam). The company is constantly improving models, so the Cinderella incubators are equipped with reliable technologies, parts and mechanisms. It is powered from the mains, but in some models there is a battery, which usually starts itself in case of power failure.

Made of two large boxes that weigh up to 5 kg

Made of two large boxes that weigh up to 5 kg. The incubators have baths (water), egg grids, hot water tanks, in the event of a power outage and the end of the battery charge, hygrometers, digital thermometers. When buying, the buyer receives detailed instructions on how to use the device. As for the battery, then it, as well as additional grilles, can be purchased separately.

What are the different types of incubators Cinderella?

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In total there are 12 models of the Cinderella incubator. Each has its own characteristics, so the instructions for use are all different. Differences of various models depend on three indicators.

  • Spaciousness. Incubator Cinderella can be designed for 28, 45, 70, 98 and 100 eggs. And although there are as many as five types according to the number of laying eggs, only three of them are in high demand - 28, 70 and 98 eggs (they will be described below).

    Incubator Cinderella can be designed for 28, 45, 70, 98 and 100 eggs

    Incubator for 45 eggs is not practical, because it is small for a large farm, and great for a small one. As for incubators for 100 eggs, they have appeared recently, and only 2 eggs more in terms of capacity than the previous model at 98.

  • Incubators differ in the type of egg rotation: mechanical, manual, automatic.
  • Power supply of all these devices is standard - 220 V, but, in some models there is a built-in battery of 12 V.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an incubator Cinderella?

In incubators Cinderella has a lot of fans in different countries. But where does this popularity come from? The reason is positive qualities.

  • Simplicity of design. Everything is easy and understandable - there is a detailed instruction for beginners who are confronted with such a device for the first time.
  • A variety of models allows you to choose, and not put up with what is. The number of eggs, the extra battery, the type of egg flipping — all this is important and you can choose it all.
  • Heat is evenly distributed through the incubator and equally heats all the eggs.
  • Everything is completely safe. The mechanism is so simple that there are no risks. These are not big metal structures, frightening even by their appearance. Appearance, internal mechanisms, devices - everything is reliable.

    Simplicity of design. Everything is easy and clear - there is a detailed instruction

  • In the presence of a battery, the transition to its operation is carried out automatically as soon as the supply of electricity through the network is turned off.
  • Baths for hot water allow for a long time to maintain the temperature inside the incubator Cinderella for 10 hours, even if there is no electricity and battery.
  • Affordable price. Compared with other branded incubators, these are simple and very cheap. And after all, availability plays an unimportant role for the buyer.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting only two main problems that buyers often face.

  • Although foam and reinforced in this incubator, it is still very fragile material, so careful handling is required.
  • The foam quickly absorbs odors, so disinfection and washing is needed after each use of the device.
  • Temperature conditions need constant monitoring - failures are possible. And before you use the device for the first time, you should test it.

Incubator Cinderella 28 eggs 220V

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Incubator Cinderella with a capacity of 28 eggs is suitable for young breeders who have a small courtyard. For those who are just learning to breed poultry, it makes no sense to acquire large, expensive models - what is the use of them? But small ones give an opportunity to practice, learn this craft and even then, if you like to engage in breeding poultry, switch to more expensive aggregates.

Incubator Cinderella 28 eggs 220V

Incubator Cinderella on 28 eggs has a very modest size - 27.5 x 50.5 x 32 cm. It can easily fit on a small table, shelf or bedside table. Equipped with an automatic egg turning device every 4 hours. Weight - 1.6 kg. Available in two versions:

  • simple model, powered by 220V;
  • incubator with built-in battery 12 V.

The sets of such models usually include one grid for 28 chicken eggs, an electronic thermometer, a thermostat and instructions.

Incubator Cinderella 70 eggs

Incubator Cinderella on 70 eggs is the most practical and popular. Its peculiarity is that a given quantity (70 eggs) is quite enough for livestock renewal on small and medium farms. The dimensions are 66.5x55x27.5 cm. For such an apparatus, it is worthwhile to single out a separate table or nightstand, since it is impossible to rearrange them during operation, and it takes a lot of space. Inside you can hold 70 chicken or 40 goose (duck) eggs. Weight 3.2-4 kg.

Incubator Cinderella 70 eggs

Available in four versions:

  1. with automatic turning (10 times a day);
  2. with a mechanical turn;
  3. with 12 V battery;
  4. powered by 220V.

The sets include: a moisture meter, a temperature meter, a 70 egg grid for chickens and 40 eggs for geese or ducks, instructions.

Cinderella Incubator with automatic flip 98 eggs

The 98-egg Cinderella Incubator is most popular on large farms, where constant renewal of bird flocks is necessary. The heating elements are placed so that the eggs are heated evenly from all sides. Eggs are flipped automatically.

Cinderella Incubator with automatic flip 98 eggs

The sets always include two metal grids for eggs (chicken and goose), a device for measuring humidity, a digital thermometer, and instructions. 98 chicken and 40 goose or duck eggs can fit in this design.

The dimensions of such a device are 55x88.5x27.5 cm. It is produced in two versions, with a 12 V battery, and 220V power supply. Weight 5 kg.

VIDEO - Overview of the 98-egg Cinderella Incubator