Planting spring grapes seedlings and cuttings


You can plant grapes in autumn and spring. The latter option has many positive aspects. For a whole year, the plant will be able to settle down, grow, and even a very cold winter will not be able to harm it, especially if it is warmed. But landing should be carried out correctly. Planting grapes in the spring in the open ground can be saplings and cuttings. Below in the article both methods will be described, and recommendations are given when to plant grapes in spring.

Pros and cons of spring planting of grapes

Usually grapes are planted in the autumn, not in the spring. Yet it is difficult to argue with the fact that the spring planting has many positive aspects.

  • For all summer and autumn, the bush will have time to get acclimatized, grow, become strong and it will be much easier for him to survive the winter frosts.
  • Planting grapes in the spring can not cover the seedlings from frost. On the street at this time is already quite warm, so that the insulation is simply meaningless.
  • Seedlings can take root faster, and hence the harvest can be obtained earlier. Usually, the grapes planted in spring bear fruit in the second year after planting, and during autumn planting the period of fruiting is postponed for 3 years.
  • In the spring, it is much easier to calculate the landing time - the frost is not in a hurry, there is time. But in the autumn everything is different. If you do not have time to plant the grapes in time, or tighten them a bit, you will have to postpone the weather, which is often unpredictable, or whether the grapes planted will simply freeze.
  • For a young farmer, it is much easier to observe the saplings during spring planting, rather than autumn.

    Planting grapes in the spring can not cover seedlings from frost

But all is not well. Planting in the spring has some nuances.

  • Watering will need to be carried out very often, as the grapes will need a lot of moisture. In the fall he gets it with rain, but with a vein only a gardener can give the grape enough water.
  • If you plant the grapes at the wrong time (too late), it can quickly begin to be affected by diseases, pests of all kinds.
  • Belated frosts can be an unpleasant surprise for both the gardener and young grapes. Do not forget about the possible cold weather and in which case the grapes must be covered in time with a film or agrofibre.

When to plant grapes in spring?

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Planting in spring grapes cuttings and seedlings with a closed root system is held closer to summer (mid-May). At this time, it is already quite warm and the chance that the seedlings will not take root is very small.

If the grapes are planted in the spring by cuttings or seedlings with an open root system, then the ideal period is the middle of spring - April or the beginning of May.

Important! By the time of planting grapes land should warm up to at least 10 degrees Celsius!

If the planting is postponed at the beginning of summer, most likely seedlings will be immediately attacked by pests and diseases, which are most active during this period.

Preparatory work

Preparation for planting grapes in the spring begins in the fall. The plot needs to be cleared, remove all unnecessary (garbage, old twigs, weeds). It is advisable to pick a place on the south side, but it doesn’t matter, it is just believed that it is on the south side that grapes grow best.

Preparing the soil for planting grapes

The pit is dug 50x50x50 cm for medium-sized shoots. The top layer of earth, which is removed when they begin to dig the earth, cannot be removed or thrown away. It is delayed so that later it can be made fertile soil for planting seedlings. About 10 cm of any drainage is laid out at the bottom of the pit (broken bricks, crushed stone, special materials that can be bought at a garden store).

After this, it is necessary to pour a small layer of fertile land. It is made from the top layer of the earth, which was deposited, 1 kg of humus and 300-500 g of wood ash. This mixture should be mixed well and poured in a thin layer on top of the drainage, and then poured to the ground settled. Now you can leave everything as it is for the whole winter.

In the spring, the pit is cleared of leaves and twigs that could fall into it over the winter. Then the ground in the pit is watered with hot water so that it warms up well. And only then, you can proceed to the landing itself.

How to plant grapes in spring cuttings?

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Planting grapes in the spring cuttings is carried out by means of chubukov - green cuttings of a length of 45 cm or more. They are cut 2 weeks before the grapes bloom. The lower cut is made oblique. All lower leaves need to be removed (cut off, and not break off). After cutting the cuttings, they are placed in a glass with warm water for 2 days. The water should be changed sometimes so that it does not cool much and does not pollute.

Grapes are planted in spring by cuttings

In order for the cuttings to germinate more quickly, they should be treated with the Epin solution. To do this, they are lowered into the solution prepared according to the instructions on the package, for about 1 day.

A stick is inserted into the pit that will support the grapes. The direct planting of grapes in spring by cuttings is carried out in a small hole made in the pit. This is necessary not to push it into the ground, but simply install it in a tubular hole. There you need to put the stalk and begin to sprinkle it with earth.

Important! The lower kidney should be 5 cm below the surface of the earth!

When the pit is completely filled, the ground is tamped down and then poured abundantly. This will allow her to sit down and feed off the cutting. When the earth is absorbed, it is necessary to fill it with one thin layer of earth with a mound over the spike. This kind of hilling to sprout began to develop faster.

If the cuttings are usually poorly taken root in this area, it is worth planting two in one hole, this will increase the chance of grape survival. If both cuttings take root, the weakest of them can then be removed.

How to plant grapes in spring seedlings?

Planting grapes in spring with seedlings in open ground, begins with the fact that you need to insert a peg into a hole or a metal pipe. This is the pillar of the future grape. Put it on the side, not in the center. Now you need to fill the pit with fertile land so that up to the edge there is no more than 30 cm and pour. When the water is absorbed, a small hill is made of earth. A sapling is placed on it, its roots are stretched on its sides.

Planting grapes in spring seedlings in open ground

Sprinkle with sapling thin layers throughout the circle. The earth needs to be pressed a little so that it is not loose, otherwise the sapling will not “sit” in the ground as it should and fall. The earth is filled with all the remaining pit. In this case, you need to make sure that the sapling does not move, was in the center of the pit.

After planting grapes in the spring, the seedling is left for a week to settle down. On hot days, you need to trim it from the sun, you can make a simple canopy of cloth or agrofibre - this will be enough. Watering, cleaning appeared weeds, is done regularly, as soon as it is clear that this is necessary. You can mulch the ground around the seedling, it will allow less water to plant and will not allow weeds to grow.

If everything is done correctly, and the land is fertile on the site, by the end of the summer the seedling should stretch by about 1.5-2 meters.

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