Peach variety Golden Moscow


Peaches are used in cooking, cosmetology, traditional medicine, it is a very useful fruit, juicy and quite expensive. Therefore, peaches are increasingly grown in home gardens. One of the most popular varieties is the peach Golden Moscow. About the characteristics of the variety, its characteristic qualities will be discussed in the article.

Description of the peach variety Golden Moscow

Peach Golden Moscow

Peach Golden Moscow belongs to mid-season varieties. He was bred by crossing two subspecies. Grown by amateurs in private gardens and on an industrial scale.

The tree is of medium growth power, it grows and develops quickly, by 3 years the height reaches 1.5 meters. Crown spherical shape. It can be formed, but more often the peach is left as it is, it grows as in format. In rare cases, the branches are knocked out of the general "ball". The first flowers bloom. They are pink, rather large. After the flowers appear leaves, green, oblong - typical of peach.

The fruits are large, round, weighing 100-180 g. The color of the part of the peel is yellow, but there are always red-maroon marks - tan. Red color can be on one side or stained throughout the fruit, there are also small strokes, dots. The skin is velvety. Peaches look elegant, beautiful, so the market for them is always high demand. Bone weight about 10 g in a peach weighing 140 g

Important! In order for the peaches of Golden Moscow variety to grow large, their number should be normalized on the branches. If normalization is not carried out, the fruits still ripen in time, but have a smaller size. Although the number of them will be more.

The pulp is yellow-orange, red blotches in the bone area are possible. The consistency of cream, pulp with a high content of juice, but dense. The peach itself does not break into halves - you need to cut it. Taste excellent, very sweet with sourness. The peel can easily move away, the standard thickness, tasty, easy to chew. The stone separates badly and only in rare cases is it good.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

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Some peaches are capricious, others, on the contrary, are unpretentious in cultivation, they differ in taste and peculiarities. Knowing all the characteristics of the species and its quality, you can know what to expect. What are the advantages of the variety Golden Moscow?

Dignity peach Golden Moscow

  • Transportability is good due to the fact that the flesh is dense.
  • Commercial quality of the fruit.
  • Excellent taste of the pulp and not firm skin.
  • Frost resistance is above average. For winter, warming is done only in the coldest regions.
  • The tree is resistant to powdery mildew.
  • Productivity is high - 50 kg / tree.
  • The tree is easy to grow, does not require much attention from the gardener.

There are practically no flaws in the peach variety Golden Moscow. Gardeners very rarely complain about it. As a rule, all problems are associated with improper care, poor quality planting material or a bad place to plant.

Planting and aftercare

Planting and care

Planting time peach Golden Moscow depends on the climate in the region. If we are talking about the southern regions, then autumn will do; if it is about the northern, then spring. This tree loves the warmth and abundance of sunlight, so the place for planting should be open, not darkened. It is advisable to choose plots on the south side.

The pit for planting rummaging in 2-3 weeks. At a depth of one meter, it should be 60x70 cm in size. It is advisable to make a drainage of 5-10 cm in order to divert excess water. On the day of landing on the bottom of the humus laid out in a mixture with the ground. Next, set the tree and sprinkle with each side of the soil. It is important to ensure that the roots do not bend over! After the pit is filled, the ground is tamped down, watered with warm water and covered with a layer of straw or pine bark.

Interesting! Peach Golden Moscow is recommended to anyone who does not like to treat trees with chemicals to increase yields or from pests and diseases. It is resistant and gives a good harvest, so if any treatment is carried out with the help of any preparations, it is very rare!
  • Watering is needed every 2 weeks. That is quite enough. Although it all depends on the type of soil and climate - the drier, the more water.
  • For the season is carried out no more than 4 dressings. You can take the type of fertilizer at your discretion, but so that there is more nitrogen in the spring, phosphorus and potassium in the summer, and potassium in the fall.
  • Processing of pests is rarely carried out, as the tree is not often sick. It is possible to carry out processing with different substances, but it is recommended to use 2 times a year (spring and autumn) simple, folk infusions from the moment of planting. They are absolutely safe for both wood and humans, and are very effective when it comes to prevention.
  • Forming pruning is carried out either regularly (spring and autumn), or as needed. Of course, gardeners recommend not to neglect it, but if there is no time, the tree will not be bent from it. The main thing is to make sure that there are no sick and damaged pagons, they need to be cut off every year, and the cuts should be processed with garden bar or iron sulphate!
  • Gold Peach Moscow withstands cold to -25 degrees, so it is not often warmed for the winter. Although the mulch spread in the root zone, it will not be exactly bad. If there is a possibility and a desire, it is worth pouring a layer of humus, peat or compost in the radical circle for the winter. These substances will not only insulate the earth, but will also overheat in winter, and in spring will become a breeding ground for culture.

Collecting and processing fruits

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Collection and processing

The ripening of peaches Golden Moscow occurs approximately in the first days of August. Already a three-year tree can produce a good, full-fledged harvest. Of course, probably it will not be possible to collect several buckets of fruit due to the fact that there are not many branches and a small tree. But, as a rule, already in 3 years the peach is “loaded” with fruits and the crop is gathered considerable, about 6-8 kg. An adult tree can produce up to 50 kg of crop per season.

Peach Golden Moscow can be eaten raw or processed. Compotes, mousses, desserts, mashed potatoes are good from it. Often hostesses make jam from slices, but they do not keep their shape in jars, so it is recommended to take half-ripe fruits for jam and there is never any guarantee that slices will not disintegrate during cooking.

Reviews of peach Golden Moscow

Peach Reviews

Reviews of those who have already grown or grows peach varieties Golden Moscow, most accurately convey the characteristics of this species.

Anyuta Ivanova: “Peach Golden Moscow is above all praise! Juicy, sweet, fragrant, the stone is easily separated - in general, there are no complaints! Everything you want to get from the peach is everything in it!”.

Yevgeny Shishkanov: “Golden Moscow for me is a sample of unpretentiousness. I cut my 6-year-old tree only 2 times and because the branches of the hurricane broke. If you spend a little time on it, the fruits grow very large and incredibly juicy, even pitiful for processing, so that every summer, in August, in the garden, I gather all the children and grandchildren to get fresh vitamins. "

Nastya Kutovaya: "I love peaches very much, so I grow 5 varieties in the garden at once. Golden Moscow is very pleased. Besides, the tree needs little care (in comparison with other varieties), it gives great yields of delicious peaches."