Strawberry variety Bereginya


In the central regions of Europe and Asia, gardeners often grow strawberries Bereginya. It has high quality indicators, has a pleasant taste. Bereginya strawberry is a universal variety, which is often referred to as strawberry, it can be used for fresh consumption, canning or selling.

Description of the strawberry variety Bereginya

Photo strawberry varieties Bereginya

Strawberry Bereginya has a late ripening. The first berries you can try no earlier than June 20. This is a simple, table variety, not remontant, although its yield is high. The bush is medium in size, not very sprawling, with dense, abundant foliage. The mustache is medium in length, pale red in color - more than enough for reproduction. The leaves are located on medium length petioles. The leaves are medium in size, light green in color. Slightly wrinkled and ribbed, shiny, pubescent. Along the edge of the sheet are cloves.

Flowers bisexual, small in size, white. Peduncles located at the level of leaves, densely pubescent. Inflorescence with a large number of buds, compact.

Important! In order for the bushes to give more berries per season, you need to remove all antennae that appear on them. Then the bush will release the power to the development of flower stalks. If it is necessary to get more young bushes, then flower stalks are torn off so that the plant's strength goes to breeding - the formation of whiskers.

Berries weigh in the range of 12-25 g. The form is obtuse, without a neck. Color is red-orange, glossy. The flesh is red, dense. The berries are juicy, sweet-sour to the taste with a pronounced persistent aroma (it persists even a few days after harvest). Tasting score of 4.5 points out of 5 possible.

Characteristics varieties Bereginya

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Strawberry Bereginya like many gardeners due to its characteristics. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the variety.

  • The berries are quite large, by the end of the season they shrink slightly.
  • The variety is resistant to drought, frost, so that it can be grown even in the Urals or in Siberia.
  • There is immunity to some diseases (spotting, verticillis), the effects of certain pests.

Strawberry Bereginya harvest photo

  • Transportability is excellent. Due to the density of berries, they are easy to transport over long and short distances.
  • Commercial quality berries, very beautiful, one-on-one, quickly sold out.
  • Strawberry Bereginya refers to useful varieties. The composition of 100 g of berries 79 mg of vitamin C, 0.8% acids and 5.7% sugars.
  • The yield per hectare is more than 15 tons. With one biennial bush is about 600 g of fresh berries.

Of the negative qualities, it should be noted that in very hot climates, the yield drops. Variety demanding irrigation.

Features of growing

Photo planting strawberries Bereginya

Planting strawberries Bereginya exactly the same as in the case of any other strawberries. First you need to choose a planting method (on agrofibre, in ridges, in trenches, etc.), then the land is fertilized, pits are prepared for planting. Pits are located at a distance of 30-45 cm from each other. Between the rows leave 50-70 cm. After that, you need to pick up high-quality planting material and land. Each shrub is carefully placed in a hole moistened with water and sprinkled with earth.

Leaving is not difficult, the main thing is that watering is done on time - the earth should not dry out. Weeds are harvested as they appear. It is advisable to immediately rip them up by the root - this will facilitate the subsequent harvesting - the smaller the roots of weeds in the ground, the smaller the weeds themselves. Weeding needs constant. It is made after watering, when water is absorbed, so that the earth is not taken crust. For the winter, you can mulch the earth by 15-20 cm with straw, and agrofibre will do.

Interesting interesting! Treatment from strawberry diseases of the Bereginya variety is rarely required, but it will not interfere with pests a couple of times per season. If on the site such problems are not uncommon, it is worth carrying out preventive spraying of folk substances 3-4 times during the growing season.

Top dressings bring according to the standard:

Feeding and care photos

  • The first is needed for the growth of the root system and foliage. In this case, we need nitrogenous substances.
  • During flowering the bushes will not interfere with bushes potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, boron and many other substances - complex fertilizers. But the amount of nitrogen needed at least. Such fertilizers help increase yields and improve the immune system.
  • At the end of the season, when the bushes ottsvetut, and the entire crop of strawberries will be harvested, you can, and even need, to feed the plants with calcium and phosphorus to recuperate strawberries.

Reviews of strawberry Bereginya

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Of course, strawberry Bereginya has several disadvantages, like any other sort or hybrid. But for the most part gardeners and gardeners speak warmly of her.

Photo juice and strawberry jam

  • Nadezhda Glushkova: "Excellent strawberries, especially taste! But the heat really does not tolerate. I live in the central region, but last summer was very hot. Some bushes could not be saved. I carried out frequent watering, feeding, darkened with screens and canopies from the sun, but we could not save all plants. Now I take a closer look at the planting sites - I’ll choose partially shaded areas. "
  • Gennady Vasilyevich: “I have been growing strawberries Bereginya on my farm for the third year on a par with such varieties as Alpha and Queen Elizabeth. The harvest goes on sale, some goes to personal needs: food, canned food. The crops are more than sufficient. The berries are beautiful, juicy , well tolerated transportation! ".
  • Larisa Schekaleva: “A few years ago I tried to plant a variety in my country house (Ural). I was afraid that Bereginya would take out the strawberries, the first part of the bushes had to bear the first winter. - generally satisfied with the variety. "