Grape Variety Delight


There are not many high-quality grape varieties resistant to frost. In central Russia, the most popular, frost-resistant variety is the Vinst grape. There are several varieties of this culture, with their own characteristics that distinguish them. This article describes the characteristic of the variety of grapes Delight, as well as recommendations for growing crops.

Description of the variety of grapes Delight

Grapes Delight is a table variety of early ripening. The name was given to him for a reason, the peculiarities of cultivation, the taste, the quality of the clusters really delight the growers.

Important! The main advantages of the variety are yield, taste and resistance to frost.

In cultivation, it is not difficult, so it is suitable even for young growers without experience in the cultivation of grapes. Vintage universal use. It can be consumed fresh, processed into juices, compotes, raisins. If desired, you can make this grape and homemade wine, but you need to consider that the variety is still table, and not technical.

Variety varieties

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There are four types of grapes Delight. They have both similar features and unique qualities.

  1. Delight White

Photo grapes Delight White

Grapes Delight White is the most sought-after view of all four. Bushes are vigorous, the root system is well developed, goes down to 2 meters. And now more about the characteristics.

  • Ripens in 115-120 days. From about the second half of August, you can begin to harvest.
  • The variety is self-pollinated.
  • The clusters may differ in shape, but in a mass of about 0.8-1.5 kg.
  • Berries of 5-7 g. The rind is dense with a touch. Color white with tan on the sunny side.
  • Taste is excellent, sweet. Sugar in the composition up to 25%, acid - 9 g / l.
  • Immune to mildew, oidium, gray rot, but may be affected by the root phylloxera.
Important! Best of all, grapes grow in a sunny area, protected from the wind at least on one side.
  • Clusters are suitable for long-term transportation, commercial quality is high.
  • The yield is high - 120 kg / ha.
  • Resistance to frost down to -25 ° C.

As can be seen, the description of the variety indicates that this grape is suitable for cultivation in many regions, and has universal application.

  1. Delight Muscat

Photo grapes Delight Muscat

The peculiarity of this species is that it is a very early hydride. By the first days of August, it can already be collected and recycled or used for sale. Bushes grow quickly. Approximately 2 large clusters are formed on each shoot.

  • Maturation occurs in 105-110 days.
  • Clusters can be of different shapes, dense, 0.4-1 kg.
  • The berries are round, 7 g on average. The skin is white, but after full aging it can be amber. The taste is balanced, with notes of nutmeg. Sugar - 25% with an acidity of 7 g / l.
  • Strong immunity to fungal diseases. But it can be affected by bacteriosis, chlorosis, rubella, anthracnose.
  • Clusters are transportable, commercial quality.
  • Productivity is high - up to 200 kg / ha.
  • Maintains a cold snap to -26 ° С.

Grapes Delight Muscat looks very similar to Delight White. Their main difference in taste. Muscat look more tender, fragrant.

Important! Berries of grapes Delight, regardless of the type, do not spoil for a long time after harvest. But, in addition, they can be stored on the vine for up to 2 months!
  1. Grapes Delight Red

Photo grapes Delight Red

Table variety grown mostly for sale. Bushes are massive, growing fast. The main features are outlined below.

  • Grapes ripen in 120-130 days on average.
  • Flowers for women. Therefore, the next need to plant pollinators.
  • Clusters are tapered, 0.5-0.8 kg each.
  • Berries are oval, 6-8 g on average. The rind is pink, thin. The taste is sweet, balanced. Sugar up to 23%, acid - 8g / l.
  • Clusters are suitable for transportation over long distances. Berries can be stored for a long time on the vine or after harvest.
  • Immunity to gray rot, mildew, oidium.
  • The yield is high - about 120 kg / ha.
  • Resistance to frost down to -25 ° C.

The positive qualities of the variety include the fact that wasps and birds almost never damage berries.

  1. Delight Black

Photo grapes Delight Black

This variety is also sometimes called "Brother of Delight" or "Black Baron".

  • The harvest ripens in 109-125 days.
  • Clusters are wide, in the form of a cone, dense, weighing 0.8-2.5 kg.
  • Berries, oval, on 7-12 g. Taste is sweet, tart. The skin is dense, almost black, with a touch.
  • Flowers for women pollinated well.
  • Immunity to mildew, phylloxera, oidium. May be affected by gray rot, rubella, bacteriosis, anthracnose, chlorosis.
  • The yield is high - 200 kg / ha.
  • Frost resistance to -26 ° C.

According to reviews of winegrowers, the variety grows well in Ukraine, Moldova, Siberia, Belarus.

The advantages and disadvantages of grapes Delight

After studying the description of varieties of the variety of grapes Delight, you can determine its strengths and weaknesses.


  • early fruiting;
  • large clusters;
  • pleasant taste;
  • yield;
  • long shelf life;
  • transportability;
  • frost resistance, drought resistance;
  • immunity to many diseases.

Photo Grapes Delight Perfect

It is important! That the Delight grapes give a high-quality crop, clusters need to be rationed, because the bushes are prone to overload.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing that cuttings and young bushes of this grape quickly take root in a new place and rarely die. And if you provide proper care for the grapes, you can increase its yield and bushes will hurt much less.


  • Despite the relatively good immunity, Delight grapes can hurt. Most often it is affected by phylloxera, but other diseases are not avoided by its side, if preventive spraying is not carried out in time.
  • Berries can crack. This problem is most often observed in areas with rainy summer. If there is a lot of moisture to the grapes, not only the appearance of the berries can suffer, but also the taste!

Features of growing

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Photo grapes Delight Original

Propagated grapes of variety Delight cuttings, saplings, layering. Well grafted vine takes root. Landing is carried out in the fall. Such saplings start fruiting earlier and are more resistant to frost.

Pruning grapes Delight is done in the fall. The vine is shortened at the level of 6-10 eyes. The load on the bush should be up to 45 eyes, then the clusters will grow large and of high quality.

Watering the grapes Delight is necessary regularly. Obligatory watering - in early spring, before flowering, after flowering, after fruiting. The grapes tolerate the drought well, so you should not go over the top with the addition of water, otherwise the roots will start to rot. After watering, the ground around the bush must be weeded and mulched on top. This reduces the amount of watering. Sawdust, moss or straw can be used for mulching.

Important! Once or twice a year it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment of the vineyard from pests and diseases.

Pruning grapes Delight is done in the fall

Top dressing is necessary in early spring, before flowering. Sometimes nutritional elements are introduced during the time of tying and growth of berries. After the vineyard gave the last harvest, it is fed with organic matter or minerals for a quick recuperation.

Frosts grapes Delight endures without problems. In the southern and middle regions of the winter it makes no sense to warm. But in the northern areas of the minimum protection does not hurt. In order for the bush to survive the winter, mulch is laid under it in a layer of 25-30 cm. The lower part of the plant can be wrapped with insulating material and a lapnik can be laid on top.

Reviews about the variety of grapes Delight

Grapes Delight is considered one of the best species for cultivation in the garden. But the reviews about him are both positive and negative.

  • Marina Kolobrodko: "Among all the grapes that grew, only Delight White is a real joy. It is early, but the clusters are stored for a long time on the vine, so you can collect a month after ripening. The taste is delicious, the berries are large, it is pleasant to eat, lets - in general, for me it is an ideal! ".
  • Maxim Khizhnyak: “Not once tried to grow Delight grapes, but to no avail. The year before last the new sapling for some reason died out, then it grew, but the berries were sour. A year later, the bush dried up, and I planted another one to replace it. slowly developing, does not want to bear fruit, so I’ll replace it this year with another. I don’t know what he doesn’t like so much, maybe the land is wrong, or the care is wrong, but I’ll not plant it anymore. "
  • Valentina Novikova: “Delight. Red is a good variety. I’ve been keeping for more than 8 years. At first there was nowhere to put the harvest, now I don’t give birth, the bush may be old, I do not know. to frost, it never hurts, and the taste is not bad, but as I have already noted, the yield from it somehow jumps - that much, then nothing at all. "