Straw chopper (hay)


Straw shredder is a useful technique in agriculture. Used to chop hay, straw. On sale there are many types and types of designs. Most models of this mechanism can also be used for grinding other types of plants, dry or fresh.

What is a straw chopper

Straw shredder is a special design that is used to grind hay and straw. In ancient times, they were extremely tame, but today there are also electric models that do not require human effort during operation. This mechanism consists of three main parts:

  • base - the basis of the mechanism on which it is mounted;
  • throat - a place where hay is fed for grinding;
  • the cutting part is the blade itself, which crushes the straw.

Of course, the electric cutter also has a reliable engine and many other important details.

Important! Many hay shredders have additional features and capabilities. During the acquisition of the unit it is important to clarify all these points, because certain options are necessary, and for some it makes no sense to overpay.

Straw chopping technology

At the first stage, the raw material is fed into the neck. Then it goes to the bunker for primary grinding, from where it gets into the drum, where knives, cutters, blades of a special shape are located. It is through them that the complete grinding of raw materials takes place. In some mechanisms, there is also a rotary chopper - this is the main unit where straw is crushed to a certain size (you can independently set a fraction).

At the exit of the apparatus, a sieve with calibration holes is usually installed. Thanks to him, only hay, straw or greens that are cut to the required size come out of the mechanism. Larger pieces continue to move on the drum until grind, as expected. The product that is obtained at the exit is the mass, ready for further use, for example, for feeding to animals.

The more complex the mechanism, the better and faster the final product will be. In large factories, as a rule, stationary, dimensional models are used, which are capable of processing a lot of raw materials in a short time. But on small farms, small straw cutters of manual and electric type are used.

Straw cutter application

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Hay and straw are essential agricultural food products.

Hay and straw are essential food products for agricultural animals. So the main hay chopper is used for feed preparation. From it, animals can assimilate valuable substances, carbohydrates, necessary for their normal functioning. Dried straw is ground for the most part for convenience. Animals eat small pieces with great pleasure, but in addition, the finished product is much easier to store.

Also, straw cutter is often used by agronomists for grinding grass, which is then allowed to make compost, biohumus. Due to the fact that the greens are crushed, it starts to rot faster and therefore the final product does not have to wait so long.

Interesting! On the straw cutter you can also chop the bark of trees, getting a substrate for growing a wide variety of crops, from orchids to mushrooms.

Types of Hay Choppers

Straw shredder can be of different types. And just sort out its forms, you can proceed to the choice of a particular model.

First you need to note that there are grinders that cling to the combines to collect herbs, straw and hay. Their principle of operation is quite simple - as the hay is harvested, from the combine it enters the chopper and only then on the field. All that remains is to collect the crushed raw material and compress it.

The second type of straw cutter is compact units that are used separately. They are mounted on the ground, and not attached to the harvesters. The harvested hay is laid as needed in the chopper, the mechanism is turned on, and it crushes the hay. This is something like a large food processor, only for grinding grass, hay and straw.

Photo mounted straw shredder (ISN) for the Yenisei and Niva

In addition, farmers divide straw cutters by type of work.

  • A manual hay chopper is the simplest, most elementary and somewhat outdated. For his work, you need to put a lot of effort, time, so that it is suitable only for a small farm.
  • Semi-automatic models require that the raw material is manually inserted into the mechanism, and the machine itself works, using the engine.
  • Electric straw cutter is a practical, convenient option for the needs of a large farm or production. Can work for a long time, recycles raw materials quickly. All that is required of a person is to start the car.

Popular models for combines

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At the market at the moment there are many various types of hay choppers. Each type has its own characteristics, features of work, so you need to familiarize yourself with them before purchasing.

  • "Niva" - it is a grinder which is established on the combine that collects straw and hay. With his help, the straw that comes out of the threshing apparatus of the combine does not get into the field, but into this mechanism, is crushed to the desired size and only then pours onto the ground. The main type of this design - "Pier 2". This is a modular model, which is hung from behind on the combine. The bunker at a grinder of the closed type, in it the knife rotor also is installed. The mechanism is easy to maintain.

    Photo mounted straw shredder (ISN) for Don and Vector

  • Don 1500 - This is a line of well-known straw choppers for combines, among which the Pirs-6 model stands out. The unit is convenient to use, easily hung on the combine, evenly scatters hay after grinding after the combine. It works in two modes - chopping and scattering straw or picking up crushed scrap in a tight swath.
  • "Enisey IRS-1200" crushes and spreads straw over the field during harvesting by a combine. The body is made of steel, the knife mechanism is double-row, shear. Crushes not only straw and hay, but also different types of grass. For a uniform spreading of hay across the field, a throwing wing is used, which can be adjusted to adjust the angle and width of the spread. This device is capable of crushing and scattering raw materials or laying uncrushed straw in a dense roll.

Compact straw cutter models

Small, stationary and mobile straw choppers are used on farms and small farms where it is necessary to chop hay and grass in large or small quantities. Models of this type of construction is not small.

  • "KR-02" - It is a small semi-automatic mechanism for chopping straw, hay, grass. Most often used for harvesting animal feed and gardening. Raw materials are loaded with forks or manually. Engine power - 1,54 kW. The output grating allows to obtain a fraction of straw in the range of 25-30 mm. The cost of the unit is 21,200 rubles.

    Photo of compact model of straw cutter "KR-02"

Interesting! The crushing machine KR-02 can process about 25 kg of raw materials per hour. This is a fairly high figure for a small farm, so the model is in high demand.
  • "M-15" - one more mobile, semi-automatic straw cutter. It has steel knives with increased strength, 3 kW motor. It can chop straw, hay, grass and thin branches, bark. The frequency of rotation of the drum is 1500 revolutions per minute. Weight - 150 kg. The cost is 30,000 rubles.

    Photo of a compact model of straw cutter "M-15"

  • "K-500" - the device with an engine power of 2 kW, processes an average of up to 300 kg of raw materials per hour. This is quite a lot, so the model is used on large farms, where they feed a large number of livestock. In the mechanism of raw materials laid forks. The device is easy to use and practical. The cost is 18,500 rubles.

    Photo of compact model of straw cutter "K-500"

When choosing a straw cutter, it is important to take into account such parameters as the type of construction (for a combine or stationary, portable), as well as its power and suitability for processing a particular raw material. After all, not all such devices can, for example, chop the bark of trees!

In addition, you need to understand that small models are suitable only for small farms. And at the same time, if you take a large unit for a small farm, it will not pay for its value! It is better to buy a high quality straw chopper for a lower price, but small.